Wrestlers of the Year

119 Ryan O'Boyle Central Catholic 11 1st New England
119 Paul Sughrue Methuen 10 2nd New England
103 Christian Montserat Methuen 9 2nd New England
All Conference
145 CJ Doherty Metheun 11 2nd New England
112 Andrew Gauthier Lowell 12 5th New England
119 Brad Meyers Lowell 12 6th New England
171 Juan Rodriquez Lawrence 12 1st All States
285 Lou Ferrer Chelmsford 10 2nd All States
125 Mike Stewart Dracut 10 3rd All States
130 Johnny Melo Lowell 12 3rd All States
145 Jimmy Ryan Dracut 10 3rd All States
189 Leo Trinidade Billerica 10 3rd All States
135 Scott McQuaide Chelmsford 10 4th All States
112 Sarith Has Metheun 11 6th All States
103 John Ryan Dracut 8 2nd States
112 Pat Lacroix Central Catholic 10 3rd States
135 Matt Armano Central Catholic 12 3rd States
140 Shaquille Fuentes Lawrence 12 3rd States
215 Joshua Espinal Lawrence 12 3rd States
125 Edgar Rios Lawrence 11 4th States
130 Joe Helfrich Central Catholic 12 4th States
160 Chris London Tewksbury 11 4th States
171 Scott DelRossi Metheun 11 4th States
All Star
135 Alec Laganas Dracut 12 5th States
140 Simon Dellea Central Catholic 12 5th States
103 Jake Ahearn Chelmsford 9 6th States
152 Ryan Savastano Methuen 11 6th States
125 Jimmy Clasen Chelmsford 9 2nd Section
145 Calab Lynch Andover 12 2nd Section
152 Ben Melisi Chelmsford 10 2nd Section
160 Tyler Crowther Lowell 12 2nd Section
189 Paul Jackson Andover 12 2nd Section
215 Jared Ayotte Chelmsford 12 2nd Section
103 Elvis Genao Lawrence 12 3rd Section
125 Keenan Basset Lowell 11 3rd Section
140 Ian Vincent Billerica 12 3rd Section
145 Matt Kando Central Catholic 11 3rd Section
160 Dave Stryzkalski Central Catholic 11 3rd Section
215 Peter Salem Dracut 11 3rd Section
HVY Manny Suarez Central Catholic 11 3rd Section
103 Nick DeRosa Billerica 9 4th Section
130 Adrian Sosa Lawrence 10 4th Section
135 Jason Pendergast Methuen 11 4th Section
145 Tom Cormier Billerica 11 4th Section
152 Darren Castillo Lawrence 12 4th Section
160 Marionel Garcia Lawrence 11 4th Section
171 Tom Weza Lowell 12 4th Section
215 David Ortiz Andover 12 4th Section
285 Janer Reyes Lawrence 12 4th Section
152 Mike Davidian Tewksbury 11
171 Brent Torrigian Chelmsford 12
Head Gear (Mandatory)
Athletic Shoes (Wrestling Shoes are not mandatory, but highly recommended)
*Singlets will be available for order once season starts

Wrestling Equipment can be bought at:

Whirlaway Sports
500 Merrimac Street
Methuen, MA 01844
978-688-8356 ext 3

All Sports Promotions
40 First Street
Lowell, MA 01850
All American Wrestling Supply, LLC.
8845 S Greenview Drive, Suite #5 | Middleton WI 53562 USA | Ph: 608-831-8733   Fx: 608-831-6716

Additional Youth and High School Wrestling Instruction/Classes:

BrickHouse Wrestling & Fitness
47 Lee Street
Lowell, MA

by Jo-Ann
That's my little boy
Mat two...
He's on deck
He's the one who tries to look so confident
While I sit here a wreck
I sit watching nervously
Biting my nails and shaking in my seat
Praying for a victory and not a quick defeat
Please don't let him be hurt
Please let him be all right
After all this is why he practices so hard
Almost every night
I'll just suffer through it and give him my support
Wondering why sometimes, he ever chose this sport
But when it's finally over and he makes it through "the three"
Nothing can beat the look on his face
That look of VICTORY!
The look that says "I did it, hey mom did you see?"
And when the ref holds up his hand
I know why he chose this sport
And when the victory goes the other way
I still give him my support
There's always next time as long as you try
A mom never fails to say
You're always a champion in my eyes son, and you'll always be that way
A mom is a wrestler's biggest fan
Cause she knows what's in his heart
She knows his dedication and how he tries so hard
It's hard for a mom to sit and watch
As her son gets pinned
And it's hard not to get emotional as you watch your baby win
Seeing his eyes search for you while you're sitting in the stands
Making sure you saw every move turn out just the way he planned
Because every wrestler knows
That his mom is his biggest fan!