COACHES 2019/2020

DIRECTOR                                             GRADES 1-8

                                                              Peter Nolan (Lead Instructor)
Mark Santee                                                                                          






  • No Headgear -- No Wrestling.
  • All participants should wear Wrestling Shoes!
  • No food, drink or gum allowed in gym or on mats.
  • Athletes will come dressed in sweat pants, shorts or singlet, sneakers or Wrestling Shoes.
  • No jeans, shoes or jewelry allowed on mats.
  • Lockers rooms and showers are not available.
  • All Athletes should sign in with their coach upon arrival.
  • No foul language, no horseplay.

All athletes will respect the school property and abide by these rules or will be reported to the recreation department.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,
Dracut Youth Wrestling

Director & Staff